Peggy Hoult & Associates

Helping Seniors in Transition, Families Living with Disabilities and Family Caregivers to access the tax savings and benefit programs they deserve.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Service Canada, BC Medical, BC Ministry of Housing, BC Ministry of Finance, DVA and ICBC don’t come knocking on your door. So every year thousands of dollars available through their programs are missed through lack of awareness. As well, each has its own criteria and application process.

Peggy Hoult & Associates wants to be your One Stop Shop for successfully unlocking these sources of new funds.

With over 35 years of professional tax experience specializing in disabilities and impairments, Peggy works personally on a one-time, short-term basis to produce financial value for both those facing health challenges and their family caregivers.

After a complimentary eligibility screening for the T2201 Disability Tax Credit, Peggy will offer to handle the entire application and approval process including submitting retroactive tax adjustments. Potential refunds range from $1,500 to $35,000 depending on the number of years involved (current average is $6,921).

Where possible, Peggy can reduce public health care fees for home support and long term care if these services are required.

Peggy will also consider your eligibility for other benefits such as the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), SAFER grants, ICBC discounts, Fuel Tax Rebates, MSP Premium Assistance, DVA benefits, Property Tax Deferment Program, CPP Disability Pensions, enhanced Child Tax Benefits and Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) grants and bonds.